The internet technology has brought significant impacts upon human life. Internet provides the users with access to many things. However, internet is also associated with so many types of malicious things, which may endanger safety of confidential information. Therefore, a private, secure way of communicating data between users in different location is necessary. This is….


As discussed in a separate post, there are two general types of Virtual Private Network (VPN), namely remote-access VPN and Site-to-Site VPN. The former is discussed in a previous post. The focus of discussion is now on site-to-site VPN. Actually, this type of VPN service has some specific purposes, particularly for businesses, which have some….

Many internet users prefer using VPN service, since it is more secured. They can connect the devices to internet while the data stays encrypted. Therefore, all critical information is well protected all times. However, there are actually different types of VPNs. Therefore, internet users need to understand them, including the pros and cons, before making….


Who hates surfing and browsing on the internet? All people like it but they don’t like if something appears and the system can be infected by it. All people have heard about malware but they actually don’t have any idea about it. This term stands for Malicious Software. Yes, it is software but simply, it….

Tax software

All activities and works you do need computer to make it easier in finishing it especially when it comes to calculation or things you have to count such as tax. To get it done easily, you need tax software so you know if your work is great and you don’t make any mistake. Sometimes, people….

Health Insurance

Insurance is something essential right now because some people invest their money for the future by choosing the right type of protection. There are so many types of insurance and one of them is health insurance. It goes along together with life insurance and those are the most popular types among people. Health is something….

In the digital era, Virtual Private Network (or VPN) is an important thing for internet users. As the name suggests, a VPV service allows the users to send or receive data while staying anonymous. It helps you stay secure while online, as you can keep anything private. Simply defined, a VPN refers to a secure….

Web Hosting

When you want to make or create the professional website for business or anything else, you need to understand every little thing about it perfectly. One of the essential factors is web hosting. For some people, they don’t care about it at all because they are not programmers. Only programmers have to know about it….


Most people want to have the free and easy connection to all websites when they are surfing through internet. If you want to have the legal and also easy access, then you can get a VPN service. Most of you have heard about it but less people understand it well. Most people who understand about….

Are you considering having a site or a blog to earn a living online? That’s an incredible decision so when I first considered it I put zero idea that which was involved or how to proceed. It appears that there’s this conception that you may make a site page and maybe even 10 webpages and….